Pick Your Present Rules

“Pick Your Present Contest”

Official Rules


How To Enter the Contest: The Contest will begin Friday, November 23, 2018 and continue through Saturday, December 15, 2018.


How to Play the Contest:   To participate in the contest, you must listen to Majic, 95.1, WAJI for the Pick Your Present Sounder, between Friday, November 23, 2018 and Wednesday, December 12, 2018, weekdays between 7:00am-7:00pm. When you hear the Pick Your Present Sounder, be the 10th caller at 467-9500 to win one Pick Your Present gift box making you a finalist in the contest.  WAJI reserves the right to determine the frequency and times the sounder will be played each weekday.  Frequency and times may vary.  If the 10th caller results in multiple callers appearing on the same telephone line, both or all contestants will be disqualified, and WAJI will move onto the next caller.


A Pick Your Present gift box is your chance to win one of the Prizes.


Listeners can also win a Pick Your Present gift box at designated WAJI Jefferson Pointe – Store Of The Day broadcasts.  Listen to WAJI between Monday, November 26, 2018 and Tuesday, December 11, 2018 for exact Store Of The Day broadcast times, dates and locations.  Contestants must completely fill out an entry blank at the live broadcast. A valid entry must include Name, Address and Phone Number.

Only one entry allowed per person at each live event or location. Multiple entries submitted will disqualify the entrant.  A WAJI staff member will go through the entries for any duplicate entries.  A contestant may only fill out an entry form for themselves, but no one else.

At the end of each broadcast, a WAJI staff member will randomly draw two names from among all entries to be a finalist, unless specified otherwise. Those selected need not be present to win, unless specified otherwise. WAJI will attempt to notify the winners by phone within 2 business days.  If contact cannot be made within 2 business days, no alternate or alternates will be selected.


A Pick Your Present gift box will be awarded to each designated caller or selected entrant, meeting the eligibility requirements. Individuals can win only one gift box during the contest.  All Pick Your Present gift box holders must come to the WAJI studios, 347 West Berry Street, Suite 600, Fort Wayne, Indiana, or make appropriate arrangements to pick up their Pick Your Prize contest information, read a copy of the rules and sign a certificate of eligibility by 10:00a.m., December 14, 2018 to be eligible for the Grand Prize Award Winning Event.

Every Pick Your Present gift box winner is required to attend the Grand Prize Awarding Event on the Saturday, December 15, 2018 at the Jefferson Pointe Soft Play Area.  The Gift Box Holders may appoint a proxy to attend the event in his/her place.  A person may be a proxy for more than one person in the contest.  A Gift Box Holder in the contest, may also be a proxy for another contestant provided the proper paperwork is completed.  The Prize will only be awarded to the holder of the Gift Box, not a proxy.  If a Gift Box holder appoints a proxy for the event, WAJI must be informed in writing of any proxies by 10:00a.m., Friday, December 14, 2018.  The proxy must show a valid photo I.D. to participate in the contest as a proxy.

No purchase is necessary to enter.  There will be a maximum of 82 Gift Boxes awarded from on-air callers and Store Of The Day broadcasts.

Eligibility Restrictions: You must be 18 years of age or older with a valid photo I.D. or other identification issued by the U. S. government or an educational institution. To enter, you must live in the Fort Wayne metropolitan area, consisting of Allen, Whitley, Dekalb, Wells, Adams, Huntington, Steuben and Noble counties in Indiana and Defiance, Van Wert, and Paulding counties in Ohio. Employees of Sarkes Tarzian Inc., Jefferson Pointe, other sponsors, and radio stations in the Fort Wayne Metro, and members of their respective families are not eligible.  Family is defined as parents, in-laws, children, spouses, people in spouse-like relationships and siblings, including those in step and half relations. Anyone who has been employed by or interned with Sarkes Tarzian, Inc is also ineligible.

Only one Gift Box will be awarded per winner. You may not impersonate someone else to win a Gift Box.  Only one winner per household.

Persons who have won prizes, cash or merchandise, totaling $600 or more from WAJI since May 23, 2018 are ineligible for this contest.

Prize: Each on-air correct caller and Store Of The Day winners will receive one Gift Box for themselves. A Maximum of Eighty Two (82) Pick Your Prize Gift Boxes will be awarded during the contest:


Each Gift Box Holder will receive one Gift Box, which is a person’s chance at winning the Grand Prize(s).


Prizes:  prizes are determined by selecting a Gift Box on the table.  All prizes are displayed inside the Pick Your Prize Gift Box.

  1. 1 – Grand Prize $5000 Jefferson Pointe gift card.
  2. 1 – $1000 – Jefferson Pointe gift card.
  3. 2 – $500 – Jefferson Pointe gift cards.
  4. 4 – $250 – Jefferson Pointe gift cards.
  5. 20 – $100 – Jefferson Pointe gift cards.
  6. 54 – $50 – Jefferson Pointe gift cards.


Total: $12,700 in gift cards


Selection of Winner at the Grand Prize Event: All Gift Box Holders or their authorized proxies must register between 8:30am and 9:30am on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at Jefferson Pointe Soft Play Area and must be present at 10:00am to be eligible for the Grand prize(s) drawing.  Each Gift Box Holder must have a current photo I.D., as described above for presentation that morning. As Gift Box Holders are registered, their names will be put into a box.  A member of the WAJI staff will randomly draw one name out of the box.  There will be 1 Grand Prize winner as well as additional prize winners. One Grand Prize is the $5000 Shopping Spree.  When a Gift Box Holder’s name is drawn, that person will have approximately one minute to acknowledge his/her presence, walk to the front and select one Gift Box from those remaining on the Table of Gifts and see what they have won.  A contestant will point to the Gift Box they want, and a WAJI staff member will hand the Gift Box to the contestant.  The Gift Box Holder will receive the prize that is determined by the one Gift Box they have chosen. In the event that the Finalist’s name is drawn and they have not acknowledged that their name has been announced within one minute, the Finalist or their Proxy will be removed from the list of eligible contestants, but their Gift Box will remain on the Table Of Gifts.  WAJI staff will continue to randomly select Gift Box holders in the same manner until all remaining Gift Box winners have been selected.

If the Grand Prize Gift Box has not been selected after all registered Gift Box Holders have selected their Gift Box, the Grand Prize(s) will not be awarded.  In the event a gift or gifts are knocked off the table before a selection is made, all of the remaining finalists will receive their prize via a random drawing from among all remaining eligible participants still in the contest. In the event that a gift box or boxes are empty at the time of opening, the recipient will receive the prize that is associated with that gift box number. Gift Box Holders or their proxies must be present at this random drawing to be eligible to win the remaining prize or prizes. If for some reason the contest stops, we will pick up where we left off, as long as remaining Gift Boxes have not been disturbed or moved. You are only allowed to win one Prize per household.

Decisions of station management with respect to this contest are final.


Conditions: Payment of all federal, state, and local taxes, are the sole responsibility of the winner. Winners will be reported to the IRS on IRS Form 1099 or the equivalent.


Only the winner(s) may claim the prize.  Any prize not claimed within 30 days of winning will be forfeited by the winner and becomes the property of WAJI.  If any prize is forfeited, an alternate winner will not be selected.
The contest prize is not transferable.  Prizes may not be substituted or redeemed for cash.


The winner of the Grand prize(s) must claim their prize at WAJI within 2 weeks of winning, unless other arrangements are made with station management with Jefferson Pointe.


By participating in the contest, the winner agrees to allow their name, voice, likeness, pictures of the finished home improvement project and/or pictures of their house to be used in any advertising or broadcasting material relating to this contest for a period of one year without additional financial or other compensation.


Contest winners are required to sign a Receipt verifying eligibility prior to acceptance of any prize of more than nominal value, and a liability release as applicable.


Pursuant to the Liability Release, the winner agrees to hold Sarkes Tarzian, Inc., and the respective officers, shareholders, directors, employees, agents and representatives of each of them harmless from and against any and all claims of liability arising directly or indirectly from the prize or participation in the contest.  These rules are subject to the interpretation of WAJI. Any aspect of these rules, including the substitution of a prize or prizes of equivalent or greater value, can be changed at the discretion of WAJI, and such changes will become effective upon on-air or other appropriate announcement. All decisions of WAJI management in the administration of this contest are final.


No purchase necessary. The contest is void where prohibited. WAJI disclaims any responsibility for computer or equipment malfunctions on-air.


Grand Prize awarding event will happen rain or shine, snow or no snow.  If the city declares a snow emergency or weather conditions are too dangerous for participants and employees to travel, the giveaway event will be postponed and rescheduled for another date and time as determined by station management.  If the event is canceled, it will be announced on air no later 6pm, Friday, December 14, 2018.

Failure to comply with the contest rules may result in a contestant’s disqualification, at the sole discretion of WAJI.


WAJI, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process, the operation of the WAJI Web Site or who is otherwise in violation of the rules.


The station further reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify the contest if it is not capable of completion as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention or technical failures of any sort.


As a consequence of delays in the online streaming of the WAJI signal compared to over-the-air broadcasts, online listeners may be at a disadvantage in attempting to

participate in on-air contests. Entrants are encouraged to listen to the station on-air. WAJI is not responsible for online streaming delays.


These rules are subject to the interpretation of WAJI. Any aspect of these rules, including the substitution of a prize or prizes of equivalent or greater value, can be changed at the discretion of WAJI, and such changes will become effective upon on-air or other appropriate announcement.


WAJI is not responsible for telephone service outages, delays, busy signals, equipment malfunctions and any other technological difficulties that may prevent an individual from completing his/her telephone call.


WAJI also disclaims any responsibility for a Gift Box holder’s inability to attend the December 15, 2018 Grand Prize Event or to appoint a proxy in their place.


WAJI is not responsible for typographical or other errors in the printing, the offering or the administration of the contest or in the announcements of any prize.


WAJI reserves the right to change the contest rules at any time.


Copies of the written rules are available during regular business hours at the main studio of WAJI, 347 W. Berry St. Ste. 600, Fort Wayne, IN 46802 or on-line at www.majic951.com. 11/18/17 cd


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