Monthly Makeover

Monthly Makeover

We’re featuring the Monthly Makeover with a different prize package each month from Windows, Doors & More!

The first month of February is $5,000 worth in windows! Prize #2 will be revealed on March 1st and Prize #3, which is the biggest, will be revealed on April 1st.

Sign up below for a chance to be a Finalist.

Once you’ve registered, look below to see if you are a finalist for one of the Grand Prize Packages.

See Contest RulesĀ 

Finalist from 2/1 – Rose A. Scranton

Finalist from 2/2 – Veronica L. Kwasny

Finalist from 2/3 – Marcus E. Mitchell Sr.

Finalist from 2/4 – Anne Bovie

Finalist from 2/5 – Brian Perkins

Finalist from 2/8 – Ashley Foster

Finalist from 2/9 – Sarah Cripe

Finalist from 2/10 – Shane Miller

Finalist from 2/11 – Deborah Fisher

Finalist from 2/12 – William Ausderan

Finalist from 2/15 – Kim Black

Finalist from 2/16 – Brian Swift

Finalist from 2/17 – Carolyn Lane

Finalist from 2/18 – Paul Newberg

Finalist from 2/19 – Lisa Carnes

Finalist from 2/22 – Brent Young

Finalist from 2/23 – Trisha Franks

Finalist from 2/24 – Sally Guy

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