Decode Someone’s Living Space

living spaceDecode someone’s living space if you want to figure them out! Here are some clues:

  • If you want to know whether someone will be open with their feelings or shut you out, look to their furniture — A closed-off person will have the backs of chairs or couch facing the entryway.
  • Adventurous people tend to have shelves cluttered with tons of family pictures displayed. People that tend to be guarded often thrive on order and organization.
  • Find out if the person in your life controlling or flexible by looking at their books. Are they grouped by subject or Alphabetized by author? Physiologists from the University of Texas say that’s a sign of neuroticism. Also, someone who has several genres of books tends to be imaginative and curious about life in general.
  • What about the pictures on the refrigerator? If the pictures are of their pets, or relatives, that could reveal a person who’s affectionate and sentimental.