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9.4.18 ::  I thought I was the only person who felt like the mom in this article.  I do not like or appreciate people posting pics of MY kids to THEIR social media accounts without giving me a heads up or at the very least tagging me so that I can decide if I want my childs picture posted.  Turns out, its not only me and this a fun read about social media etiquette when it pertains to others posting pics of your kids.  Its very real and well written, but also the language is raw, so be prepared for that.  Grab a glass of coffee (or wine, no judgement here) and settle in for everything you’ve ever wanted to say to that person that constantly posts pics of your child online.

8.24.18 :: I am fully aware that summer is still here and that fall is still right around the corner.  But, is it really?  For me its ‘fall season’ when the September issue of Vogue is announced, when stores start to bring out the deeper colors and heavier textures and fuzzier blankets and of course when I have my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte of the season!  I have to say right off the bat, I do cheat a bit, because I’m such a fall-a-holic that I have PSL K-Cups for my keurig so technically I can have it anytime I want.  But there is just something very special about the day you walk into your favorite coffee shop and order your first Pumpkin flavored anything, of the season.  It the exact moment everything changes.  Its officially fall then.  While the calendar says its not going to be fall until September 22, 2018 at 9:54pm, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts say otherwise, and lets be honest, I’m listening to them.  Starbucks is dropping a new pumpkin spiced cookie straw this year too, which I am obviously anxiously waiting for.  Starbucks is bringing back the PSL earlier than ever this year, the purveyor of fall, the pride of the coffee chain, the pinnacle of ‘basic’, the Pumpkin Spice Latte will make its debut this year, August 28th.  Yes, that’s just next week.  Now in a completely unexpected move, Dunkin Donuts announced they too would be bringing back their version of the PSL, however, expect to see their version on August 27th. One day earlier than Starbucks.  This could get innerestin folks, but in the end, you and I are the real winners here.  I hope you love fall as much as I do, and look forward to the very first sip of autumn and be prepared to juggle your household finances to support your coffee habit for the next 6 months.

8.20.18 ::  Back to school blues is real y’all.  My fiance is a teacher so I go through a literal mourning period every school year.  When the kids go back and he goes back, it’s just me and the dog.  Summer is the best, all my kids are around for the most part and so is my best friend, my rock, my mans, my fiance aka Band Director.  So back to school not only takes a toll on my motherly emotions but it takes a toll on my wifey emotions too!  All summer my home is filled with people and laughs and fun and family…and some fighting too I suppose.  It happens.  But once the school year starts, it all comes to a screeching halt.  Then when I get home after work, early afternoon, its so quiet.  Like, very quiet.  I can watch whatever I want on tv.  I can eat when and what I want.  Its just me and the dog for typically for FIVE hours, EVERY afternoon.  The first week, is mourning because I miss my family.  But by the second week, I’m completely ready for my ‘winter life’ I call it.  I’m back in rotation with luncheons with my girlfriends, I’m taking better care of my skin but being more regular with my facials, the laundry gets done in a much more timely fashion and finally, the dinner routine is back in full swing.  Because I’m engaged to a teacher, I get to relive back to school/ end of school every single year for the rest of my life and I couldn’t ask for anything more.  If you’re just starting out in this new world of school ups and downs, here is a quick little guide to help you beat the back to school blues.


  1. (GoodTherapy.org) The freedom summer offers to children can feel like a prison to parents, who may spend the summer on an endless search for child care and activities that can stave off boredom-related whining. Many parents find themselves quietly rejoicing when it’s time for their children to go back to school but settling back into the hustle and bustle of school can be stressful for parents and children alike. For children, summer can feel far too short, leading to anxiety, moodiness, and feelings of grief when it’s time to go back to school. You don’t have to put up with a month of tantrums and exhaustion as your child settles back into his or her school routine, though. Instead, try making the transition a gradual one.
  2. New Routines
    The transition back to a school routine can be jarring and frustrating to many kids, so it’s best to take the transition slowly. Try adding a new element-such as a slightly earlier bedtime or a regular family dinner time-every day to give you time to adjust. Prioritize adequate sleep. Kids who don’t get enough sleep have to face the day exhausted, and this can amplify the stress and anxiety of going back to school while also adversely affecting academic performance.
  3. Summer All Year Long
    Both kids and parents sometimes feel sad about the end of summer fun and the return to seemingly endless work. It’s tough for homework and classes to compete with vacations and pool time, but a return to school doesn’t mean you have to give up fun. Try incorporating a little bit of summer into each day. While it’s still warm out, take your kids to the pool or a water park after school. As fall sets in, try having a family ice cream night, planning a winter vacation, or scheduling a fun family event every week. When kids see that school doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on fun, they’re less likely to be miserable.
  4. Getting Organized
    Organization can be a lifesaver for both you and your child during the return to school. Try making a week’s worth of family meals and freezing them at the beginning of the week or packing all of your child’s school lunches on one day. This can free you up to do more engaging family activities. Make sure your child has his or her own work space and ensure he/she gets all the supplies needed for school. A missing book or the wrong pens can be major sources of stress for a kid, so keep a well-stocked desk ready for your child. Plan a nightly homework time during which you and your child work on projects. This helps your child get into the habit of good time management and gives you some quiet time to work on your own pursuits.
  5. Providing Reassurance
    Going back to school can be tough, especially for younger kids who may experience separation anxiety. Don’t forget to provide your child with direct reassurance. Ask him or her about any concerns at school and offer advice when he or she requests it. If your child is struggling with a bully, has trouble interacting with a teacher, or is falling behind in a class, don’t hesitate to intervene. The daily struggles of school life might seem trivial to an adult who has been out of school for years, but for a child, school can be everything. When school goes poorly, life feels awful, so take your child’s concerns seriously.

8.10.18 :: :: I love Disney! Not just the thrill of the the theme park, but everything Disney.  I love the story telling, I love the history and I sure do love a happy ending.  When I was younger I never got a chance to have the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique experience.  You can read about it here if you you’re not familiar with that.  In a nutshell its a sweet little boutique inside Cinderella’s castle where girls ages 3-12 can get princess make overs.  They range in price from $60-$450.  So its a pretty cool experience.  Cinderellas castle is just my all time favorite place in the park, and I love to see all the little princesses and prince’s making their entrance.  This bring us to modern day Angie, who still believes Cinderella was the greatest love story of all time and my incredible desire to be a Disney Princess.  MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE!  Disney is now offering make overs for all ages.  Its called “Character Couture” and its glam AF.  Prices are way more affordable for this, ranging from $50-$120.  Obviously you’ll have to make a reservation and the transformation time varies. Forget wedding planning right now, I’m focusing all my attention Character Couture planning.   *runs to checks email for travel deals and airline points for travel to Orlando.  Enjoy this pic of me sitting in Cinderella’s chair at the store near the castle!

8.6.18 :: If your kids haven’t already gone back to school, they’re going within the next few weeks or even days.  For the first time in a long time I have no kids going back to school this year.  No new folders, no long lines at registration, no shots or sports physicals.  I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions with this one.  Part of me is very excited to have that part of my life done, but then there is this other enormous part of me that has no idea what to do without band sectionals, without basketball games, without HOMEWORK!  As I look back over at my career as a public school parent I see lots of things I would’ve done differently and some things I probably could have done better.  Including sending my youngest son to school too early.  He has a June birthday so he went as soon as he turned 5 and in my opinion, for him, that was just too young.  How can you tell if its the right time for your child?  How can you tell if your child is just nervous about going for the first time, or its an actual sign of anxiety that you’ll need to really address?  This article is really great in giving you some clarity!

8.3.18 ::  Its Indiana State Fair time!  The fair kicks off today and goes thru August 19th in Indianapolis.  This years theme is Step Right Up and will be a circus themed fair.  In the past weapons have been banned from the fair, but this year the list is much bigger,  including rolling coolers and cameras with certain size lenses.  See the entire prohibited list here. New food at the fair this year is some of the best we’ve ever seen.  A deep fried sugar cream pie, inside out grilled cheese and a birthday cake milkshake?!? YES please!  See all the new fair food here.  And if you’re looking for music, this years Indiana State Fair has more music than you can possible even imagine.  On the FREE music stage there are great acts including Hanson, Kool & The Gang and Rick Springfield.  Also at this years Indiana State Fair there are more promotional days and deals than ever, including my personal favorite the $2 Thursday (August 14th) $2 foods, $2 admission, $2 rides and many many more things to do.  It’s the greatest 17 days of summer!  

7.30.18 ::  I never ever feel like there are enough days in my weekend.  Like, ever.  Most weeks, just like most you, I’m working 6 days a week.  So that Sunday that I have off, after church and laundry and birthday parties or whatever else is happening -BOOM- the ‘weekend’ is gone.  I need 2 days at least to recharge.  I stayed home this whole weekend.  Between Friday and Monday I only left the house to drive my son to work on Saturday.  The rest of the weekend was mine.  It was filled with all the things that make me happy.  Yoga pants, watching tv only when I wanted it, listening to Frank Sinatra albums and just…. dare I say it….relaxing.  Taking some time to just relax and rejuvenate and just be.  You have got to make time for yourself like that.  Your body and your sanity will definitely thank you.  In New Zealand they’re testing a 4 day work week, but you still get paid for a 5 day work week and according to them, its working out better than they even anticipated.  The workers involved said they spent time exercising, more time with families, cooking and working in their gardens all of that leading up to better productivity at work.  The employees also reported a 24% increase in work and life balance and came back to work more energized after their day off.  Its a fun concept and we’ll see how the rest of the world responds.  In the harrowing realization that here in the U.S. we’re probably not going to a 4 day work week, remember its ok to take time for yourself <3.

7.18.18 :: I love a good pageant!  Anytime there is a chance for a crown, heels, showing off a talent and wearing an extra coat of lipstick, I am in.  I had the chance to judge the Miss Three Rivers Festival pageant back in the fall and this week during their busiest time of the year, the girls and I had a tea party to catch up and talk all things festival.

7.17.18 :: In keeping with Three Rivers Festival tradition of course I had to make my first of many annual treks over to Junk Food Alley.  My first and favorite stop is always Mama Jane’s The Best Around funnel cakes.  She is just an absolute wizard in the culinary world from her red velvet deep fried oreos to her enchilada funnel cake from last year to this years’ show stopper (drum roll please) its the Root Beer Funnel Cake.  Buttercream rootbeer drizzle on top.  Pro tip:: head across the way from her trailer to the ice cream trailer and add ice cream on top to make it a root beer float funnel cake.  Not only is she just the most friendly down to earth woman, but shes incredibly humble too.  She’s been on tv multiple times over the years and continues to make her way to the screen this year on Carnival Eats with another delish culinary confection.

7.13.18 :: I work in a field where promotions are a very integral part of what we do.  We like to do them and we want to do them and most of all, our listeners like them.  Promotions is a tricky thing.  They have to be well thought out, and do-able and most important they have to be worth our listeners time.  Build A Bear did a promotion yesterday called ‘Pay Your Age’ and it was designed to let kids go in Build A Bear stores and pay their age for a stuffed animal.  Ie; if your child is 5, you pay $5.00.  Obviously this promotion was absolutely bananas and out of control with hundreds of people showing up before even noon.  The company sent out a statement saying that due to the safety hazard of the crowds the promotion was closed for the day.  Imagine that:: you’re at the mall with your kid who’s been waiting in line for hours for their favorite bear and at the end all you end up is a voucher or in some cases nothing at all.  That’s a terrifying thought from a promotional stand point, from a parental standpoint its kind of a bummer too.  Build A Bear has done amazing damage control and I feel for all those people involved.  The CEO spoke out on TV and had this to say.  Long story short, as a parent its sort of our job to minimize our kids expectations.  Taking it out on the store on social media or even the sales associates will probably not get you too far, and remember, your children are watching that as well. No word on how or if or when they’ll make good on the promotion but I’ll keep you in the loop.   (UPDATE:: The promotion was initially slated for Bonus Club members only, but somehow that went awry)


7.12.12 :: Aren’t you glad that its here, that wonderful time of the year, when the city really stands up and shines!  Its Three Rivers Festival time! I’ll bet you have that jingle in your head right now too.  TRF is celebrating 50 years this year, so its an extra special treat.  All your festival faves are back, funnel cakes, cheese curds, lemon shake ups and more.  The midway is here too.  You may have family traditions or gatherings with friends that correlate around the festival.  I know my family does.  We do the chalk walk every year as well as all the artists markets.  The Three Rivers Festival officially kicks off at  11am tomorrow (friday jul 13th) and you can get a full rundown including the who what and whens at the link above.  See you at Junk Food Alley!

7.2.18 ::  Its July and that means we’re half way through the year already!  Did you make resolutions that you didnt keep…yet?  You still have 6 months to redeem yourself.  If one of those resolutions was to find more ‘me time’ but youre failing at that too.  Dont worry, Ive got some tips for you.  But first, you really have to accept that its totally fine for you to want and to have ‘me time’.  Its good for everyone at some point.  Even if its just for a few minutes a day, you need that unwind time where you can just be you.  Youre not Mom, or someones Wife or Partner, youre not someones employee, youre just you!  I use laundry as my escape.  I like to take the laundry into my bedroom, put on my favorite Netflix or Hulu show and take as long as possible to fold all the laundry.  Thats my escape!  Take a look at this ‘me time’ list and see if you can adapt one of these to your life, so you (yes, YOU!) can have some well deserved and much needed beneficial ‘me time’.

6.27.18 ::  I have to admit I stole this gem from a friends FB post (Thanks Eric!) because I loved it so much….and because unfortunately, I’ve been “That Guy” before. *girl to be more correct, but you get the picture.  Spending the summer at the lake is just what we do here in Indiana.  Its so much better when you have your own lake place and boat, but however, I do not.  I rely a lot on the generosity of friends to invite me to their lake cottage or at the very least say yes, when I ask them if I can come to their lake place.  This list is from a guy who lives year round at the lake and while some of the points are obvious, the way he tells the story is right on.  And some of the rules on this list I myself have broken, this year!  Its a bit lengthy but definitely worth the read if you have a boat or even enjoy riding boats or just know someone who by this point in the summer is fed up with their ‘can i come to your lake’ friends already, share it with them.  And for the love of Pete, don’t be “That Guy”!


FOOD – Don’t be the guy that brings one bag of pretzel rods for a full day of boating. Eventually you’ll get hungry (especially after a few beverages) and when you do you’ll have to depend on the kindness of others to feed your ass properly (mainly because they don’t want your drunk ass falling off the boat or passing out due to lack of proper nutrition). Consider bringing a sub sandwich, chopped fruit, veggies, chips with dip or some other easy-to-transport food. Be gracious when someone does offer you their food and don’t just take for granted that the host/hostess is supposed to feed you unless this was specifically implied.

DRINKS – Always bring twice what you can drink. Boating is a communal affair and you may have to share a couple beers (because there’s always “that guy” who came completely empty-handed or underestimated their ability to consume beverages on a hot day). Also, don’t show up and set the drinks on the floor, put them in a cooler and cover them with ice. Unless you’re bringing Fireball, we’ll make room in our cooler for that. And drink a water every now and again. Proper hydration will ensure that you don’t get too shitfaced and be “That Guy.”

GUESTS – Did you tell the captain you were bringing a friend/dog/child on their boat? Bringing tag-alongs without notice is a big no-no, ESPECIALLY kids under 18. That +1 may put the captain at overcapacity, or pee on the carpet (the dog or kid, not the friend, unless he’s “That Guy”). Some boat outings just aren’t kid-friendly and with a child on the boat, a whole new level of legal liability has just been heaped onto your captain who probably isn’t in the mood. Besides, you’re now personally responsible for the care and feeding of your guest. You’re going to have to share your warm 6-pack and pretzel rods between two people now. Always check with your host/hostess before dragging along a sidekick. Yes, even you, beloved friend.

SMOKING – Always ask before lighting up on someone’s boat. These are expensive machines that you didn’t pay for or are making payments on. Just because boating is an outdoor activity doesn’t mean it’s OK to light up without asking. Owners always fear some drunk dumbass will put a burn hole in the seat. And never be “That Guy” and toss your butts in the water. LIKE EVER.

LITTERING – Speaking of throwing things in the water…Absolutely nothing goes into the water that isn’t sea grass or urine. Orange rinds, peanut shells and such are kind of a no big deal but be mindful of your beer caps, cigarette butts, wrappers, cans and red Solo cups. Litter is destructive and disgusting. In fact, if you find a piece of trash in the water, be part of the solution: Pick it up and put it in a trash bag. Don’t be a piggy.

BE PREPARED – Be sure you’ve brought all you need for fun in the sun. This includes sunscreen, sunglasses, Chapstick, and a towel along with your food and drinks. Trust your friends when they say you need sunscreen or a water.

THE CAPTAIN – OK, here’s the deal: The captain is in charge of the boat (the captain may not always be the one in the drivers seat). If he/she says it’s time to go, it’s time to go. If he/she asks you to move, sit down or shut up, do it. As fun and relaxing as boating is, it’s the captain’s job to ensure the safety of all people on their boat and not get pulled over by law enforcement because a guest is being “That Guy.” Also, the captain chooses the music or appoints a DJ, period.

SAFETY – If you feel a “hold my beer and watch this” moment coming up, suppress it. Never push anyone out of a moving boat or jump out of a moving boat. Don’t hang out by the motor of a running boat. Don’t try a double back flip off the platform or railing. Don’t sit on the rails or dangle your feet in the water while the boat is running. In other words, don’t be “That Guy.”

PASSENGER ETIQUETTE – Respect the boat! Don’t step on seats!. Leave coolers on the floor. Don’t bring any glass on-board unless you ask first. Respect equipment including paddle boards and floats. Don’t play with any buttons or switches. Don’t try to start the boat while the captain is away. Time for a water break? Don’t jump out of the boat until the captain gives you the OK and the motor is turned off. Don’t try to “help” unless the captain asks you to. Also, never whip out your aerosol 50 sunscreen spray and do a spray-down while sitting on the upholstery; use your spray sunscreen BEFORE boarding. Why? Because all boat owners know that shit is impossible to clean off the seats, makes them sticky, and generally cuts upholstery shelf-life in half. The lotion kind is better for your skin and the environment, anyway.

DON’T BE LATE – Nothing is more irritating than sitting with a boat full of people in the heat waiting on “That Guy” who didn’t plan ahead. We could be out having fun, but no, we’re still at the dock because you just texted “On My Way!” from inside Smiths or Albertsons. Have some respect for your friends and get there when you’re supposed to. NOTE: The captain reserves the right to leave your ass behind without notice if you’re more than 15 minutes late.

DISEMBARKING – Don’t stand up until the boat is fully secure. Make sure you grab everything you brought with you on the boat. If you put extra beers in the captain’s cooler because you didn’t bring one, leave them – he/she just took your ass out and provided you a great day on the water – you can buy more. Make sure all trash has been removed from the boat and take it off the boat. And ask the Captain if they need help wiping down the boat or anything else they may need help with.

Oh and if you want to get invited out regularly, offer to chip in for gas, because boats don’t run on “Thanks.”

Thanks for reading this far, yes this is a real ordeal … Respect others and get respected … Happy Boating 🤘😎🤘

6.12.18 ::  ROAD TRIP!  Those 2 words mean something completely different in our 40’s than they did in our 20’s.  Now road trips include activities to combat boredom, many more stops for the potty and inevitably some sort of food or beverage gets spilled in the car.  Wait…that happens in your 20’s too!  Either way, the one thing that stays consistent is the need for a safe ride.  In our 40’s its probably easier to think of these things and maintenance on our cars isn’t our parents responsibility (and btw, in your 20’s it really shouldn’t be anyway), before you hit the road with your fams this summer make sure your car is road trip ready.  Here is a quick little checklist for you.  So in between getting snacks, making sure all bags are packed and your summer family road trip play list is ready, take time to make sure your family roadster is ready too.

6.06.18::  Its Germanfest 2018!  Germanfest is a Fort Wayne staple when it comes to festivals here in downtown.  In its 37th year, this year marks the first year ever without the glorified soul Judge Ken Scheibenberger and in his passing the Germanfest will see some cool dedications this year as well as a new church service being held on the the last Sunday of the festival in the festival tent at Headwaters Park.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there are some new and really tasty food choices this year too. (They let me sample some incredible new variety of brat you can find this year at Germanfest, and it was fabulous!) I met with Abby and Bob, both from The German Heritage Society and they gave me a sneak peek at whats new and exciting and happening this year.  See what they had to say here::


5.30.18:: Fort Wayne Community Schools are in their final week for the 2017-2018 school year and most other schools are already on summer break.  It’s time moms.  It’s when our grocery bills go up, our stress level goes down a bit thanks to no homework and our tolerance for our own children gets very thin by end of the July.  Summer break in Indiana is extra special because we get to experience all seasons and sometimes winters that feel like they’re 6 months long.  When the summer sun hits our faces its time to hit the beaches!  Maybe you’re headed to Pokagon or to Florida or even just to your own (or a very gracious friends) lake cottage, there are some quick and useful summer time hacks to make your ‘beach’ experience a little better.  Make sure to have a king size fitted sheet handy, you’ll be so glad you did.

Memorial Day means taking time out to thank those who served  and are serving to protect our country.  Memorial Day is also the unofficial start to summer, its the first time since Labor Day we’ve been able to wear white and its also the unofficial official start to grilling season.  I live in an apartment so my grilling is reduced to a George Foreman grill.  Don’t get me wrong, its delicious but there is never ever a time I would turn down an authentic bbq.  The smell of the food on the grill, the excitement of waiting on said food on the grill, taking your shoes off and walking in the grass.  Summer is just the best!  And summer food is something special all in itself.  Sure you can have a hot dog all year round but is a winter hot dog really as good a summer hot dog?  I love to be invited to your lake for cook outs, so I try to stay up on really great and easy recipes…..so you’ll have me back again!  Whether you’re trying to outdo your sister with your summer time barbecue dish or you just want to try some new and different recipes, check this link out to find some fun things to try this Memorial Day Weekend!

Baseball pants are back y’all!  Let me start that over; Baseball season is here and fans at Parkview Field for our Fort Wayne Tincaps are as excited as ever!  Parkview Field itself has won numerous awards and the players are all just an absolute treat to watch and even more exciting when they move up to the bigs.  Baseball is America’s game and we are so here for it.  There is a lot of talk lately about if there is still a place in baseball for ‘Ladies Nite’ themed nights.  Or at this point is it considered sexist or rude to offer manicures, massages and fruity drinks at baseball games that are targeting women?  We don’t need wine and manicures to attend a baseball game, but lets be honest, we’re not going to turn them down.  Ever.  In any situation.  Women will almost always say yes to wine and manicures and if its happening at a baseball game, that’s totally fine with us.  I really like a good “Ladies Nite’ event and I think Parkview Field does an absolutely awesome job with theirs.  I have every martini glass and wine glass I’ve ever gotten there and I use mine to watch the Cubbies play when I’m at  home.  Switching gears, did you know that you’re supposed to be tipping Larry the Vendor Guy, or any vendor person for that matter?  I had no idea, Larry, I owe you!  Also, did you know its in bad taste to wear a jersey of a team that isn’t playing on the field?  (like if the Cubs are playing the Reds, don’t show up in a Marlin’s jersey, even if it is a great color for you!)  I had no idea about that one either.  I assumed as long as it was baseball, it was acceptable.  I love going to baseball games and roar of the crowd, the beer, the delicious ball park food and of course rooting for the Tincaps!  Here are some nice tips on how to brush up on your ball park etiquette.

Summer is on its way and immediately I am transfixed back in time to my grandma’s backyard, listening to my radio with batteries, lathering on the Johnsons Baby Oil and straight lemon juice in my hair   (*I couldn’t use the actual Sun In product because I was always on the sneak with it and rightfully so, it always ended up looking like burnt hay on my head) and occasionally getting up to run through the hose to cool off.  THAT was summer when I was younger!  2018 teens are eating tide pods and filming themselves, but they are getting one thing right.  Tanning your skin is bad.  Using sunscreen is good.  Even tanning beds are seeing a steady decline.  The obvious hope here is that the younger generation has had some realizations about skin cancer and the value of real beauty.  But the real fact is that in 2010 there was a 10% sales tax implemented by the Affordable Care Act 2010 and legislation has mandated age restrictions at tanning beds.   So those are tangible reasons for the drop in tanning bed visits.  While fake baking is on the downslope, having a gorgeous glow isn’t.  Now you can use self tanning lotions, bronzing powders or even if you’re super brave…a spray tan!  Don’t go into your summer feeling pasty pale and uncomfortable, go into your summer healthy and feeling like the porcelain goddess you are.

We are just days away from the Royal Wedding, An American Princess and everything else exciting that goes along with it.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry in England on May 19, 2018.  There are obviously some fun souvenirs to be had.  There is a line of wedding memorabilia called For Richer, For Poorer and the proceeds will benefit the homeless in Windsor.  You can find things like tea towels, t-shirts, and mugs just to name a few.  They have their own signature crest that features homeless animals.  One of the other wedding swag sites I found interesting has things like swimsuits with the royal couples face on the body of the suit, royal beer, royal donuts with the Prince and future Princess likeness on the donut.  I cant even begin to put these items into an actual description.  Its just something you have to see to believe.  Royal Wedding coverage starts at 4am on Saturday and I’ll be there with my tiara, tea and scones ready to watch it all unfold!


One of the best looking couples in Hollywood have called it quits.  It happens.  But the drama around the feelings of the wife are a bit out of control IMO.  Jenna Dewan Tatum and Channing Tatum have called it quits.  Its actually been a few weeks since the split, but over the weekend the drama has been hot as fish grease and its all over a simple black and white photo.  Jenna posted a pic of herself after the wrap of her show World of Dance with the caption “thaaaaaat’s a wrap”  She’s in a dressing room mirror so obviously I understood she probably meant for the show, but lots of fans were quick to call her out and ask if she meant that’s a wrap on her marriage.  And many others adding that she seems so much happier since the break.  And that’s really the meat of this post.  Its OK for her to seem happy.  Its OK for her to smile post break up/divorce.  Its OK for her to be happy.  Isn’t that kind of what a break up is?  It’s about being happier. She deserves happiness.  We all do.  We have no idea what her marriage to Channing Tatum was like.  In my mind, I would imagine that he walks around the house shirtless, smiling that amazing smile and at bare minimum does 50% of household chores and loves to shop and vacation and also randomly busts out Magic Mike moves in the kitchen.  But that’s just what I imagine life with Channing Tatum is like.   We have no idea of what its actually like.  Only Jenna Dewan Tatum knows that, and something inside that marriage wasn’t making someone (we don’t totally know who pulled the plug on the marriage) happy.  And that’s not ok.  Life is about being happy.  So sure, she might look happier since they’ve split because she is.   And that’s totally fine, that’s what break ups are about.  Even The Script tells us, ‘When a breaks, it don’t break even’.  But the even bigger picture is, we are just fans of hers and Channing too, so for you/me/us to get so invested in the relationship and scold her for moving on happily, its totally uncool…..but we’ll probably still continue to do it amiright?!  #Popculture #RealityRules #NotOurBusiness


The weather is nicer outside and that means its time to get our eats and drinks on outside on the patio.  But what about our fur friends? Our dogs?  Turns out, there are a lot of places in our area that DO allow you to bring your dog along for your cocktail nights with the girls, for your family feast nights or just anytime you feel like being ‘outdoorsy’.  Our good friends at the Allen County SPCA actually put this list together.  If you know of others to add to it, shoot me an email angie@majic951.com and I’ll make sure to pass it along.  Put on your sunscreen and get your doggy’s cutest shirt on her and head out for drinks and dinner at these Paw-Friendly Patios.


Five or Ten years ago ‘food truck’ was just something we here in Fort Wayne just saw on tv.  Like in the bigger cities, NY, San Francisco, you get the idea.  But over the last few years the food truck revolution has come to our very own city.  And each year there are even more delicious food truck options to choose from.  I’m a big food truck fan!  I just love the idea of trying different foods on the fly with no commitment.  And another big benefit is that everyone in your party doesn’t have to agree where to eat.  Everyone gets what they want.  Brilliant!  Now all this excitement leads up to one big question::  Are we using proper food truck etiquette?  I had to search out the answers myself.  Obviously tipping is appreciated but there are some other things food truckers would like for you to know too.  I’m here to school you on Food Truck Etiquette 101.  Enjoy and treat yo self this summer!  Lunch on the Square happens every Thursday downtown Fort Wayne at Freimann Square and its one of the biggest gathering of food trucks on a weekly basis.  Lunch on the Square returns June 7th this year, get the list of performers and dates and some fun pics from last year, here.

I made a resolution to try to read more books this year.  I have a terrible time reading.  I’m an ok reader, I just never make/find the time to read.  I definitely am not an e-reader.  There are too many distractions for me.  I like real books. I like they way the feel, and the way they look and even the way they smell.  I’ve been reading the SAME book since last October.  I typically just read when I’m traveling, on a plane.  So that book has quite a ways to go.  I like to read, I really do.  That’s why I wanted to make time to read more.  I even thought about starting a little book club.  I came across this list of ‘Books You Really Should Have Read By Now’ and at first I felt really pressured and kind of judged because I’ve only read 1 of the books on the list and seen 2 of the books as movies.  Then I took a deep breath and exhaled and decided NOT to let a list of books I haven’t read be a failure but rather a challenge.  It’s inspiring to see so much great literature still out there and I promise to you (like you would know anyway) that I am going to make more time to read.  If you’re interested in feeling judged about the number of great works you haven’t read either, here is the list of books that you shouldve read by now, you can find it here.  

Easter is upon us and that means Easter candy is right around the corner too.  We have it much easier than our parents did.  I remember when every Easter basket came with that plastic Easter grass.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s the stringy stuff that’s the equivalent to Christmas tree tinsel in the winter.  It just kinda hangs around….forever.  Anyway, I rarely see that anymore and I never ever use it in our baskets.  I do love Easter candy though.  I’m especially partial to Cadbury Creme Eggs and Peeps.   I know Peeps are polarizing and not everyone has the same adoration, but I certainly love their sugary marshmallowy goodness.  I like those Cadbury Robin Eggs too, the candy coated little eggs.  Some parents are zero-candy-Easter-basket people.  Instead of candy there are toys or clothes or summer beach play ware etc.  I like a good mix in our baskets.  I always include candy.  My kids (all THREE of them) do not like chocolate so no cute chocolate Easter bunnies for them, but I get them Easter variations of their candy faves and then some knick knacky easter things as well.  Listen, moms, there is no shame in “sharing” your kids Easter candy.  And to make it a little more exciting, I’ve included this article about how to pair Easter Candy and Wines together.  (thats just for you, not the kids!).  Enjoy and Happy Easter, friends.


Spring cleaning is in full effect at my home.  I get like this every spring, I want everything clean and fresh and uncluttered.  And my new car is no different.  I just bought my first ever brand new car.  I put every single one of the miles on it and it feels kinda cool.  Im ultra concerned about keeping my new baby clean.  We’ve been to the carwash several times together.  I kept the paper floor mat things in there as long as humanly possible-they were torn to absolute shreds- until someone else in my family threw them out.  So maybe you don’t have a brand new car, or even a new to you car but you’re interested in keeping your own car a little tidier and more organized? A few of my fave hacks are putting silicone cupcake baking cups in your cup holders.  You know, the place where stray french fries, loose change and spilled chai latte goes? Line those little cup holders with these rubbery wonders and then when they’re gross, just take them out and toss them in your dishwasher.  *after you’ve put all the spare change in your change purse of course.  Another tip that I’ve found incredibly helpful being a lake lover and the mom of boys, is to repurpose an empty cleaning wipes container (like, a Lysol wipes or Pledge wipes or even baby wipes) to hold plastic bags instead.  Then you have a place for all your empty Target bags AND a place to put wet swimsuits, muddy shoes or anything else you don’t want to have in your car or your fabric shopping bags.   Here are some more great tips on how get and keep your car clean and organized.

I learned last week that Toys R Us would be shutting their doors by the end of the year.  Then this week the rumors are all but confirmed that the sister store, Babies R Us would be closing too.  Both of those are absolute bummers, but closing Babies R Us also poses a problem for expectant moms.  Where do all the registries go?  There is still a faint hope that another company would buy the TRU and BRU brands and keep things up and running, but its not likely.  If you’re registered at Babies R Us, first things first, are any of your items under warranty?  That could get sticky if the company closes, some vendors are allegedly not obligated to honor warranties, that according to the BBB.  Mid April due dates and before should be fine, but if your baby is due after that, the estimated time to begin shut downs, you might want to bite the bullet and transfer your registry.  Now, I say that like its an easy fix, like magically you can just hit a key and your registry will transfer.  Its unfortunately not that easy.  You’ll have to create a new registry.  Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby are just some of the places most popular to register.  (The closest Buy Buy Baby is Indianapolis, but it is really worth it!)  Grab a friend or your mom or your sister and head out.  Since you’ve most likely already created a registry a lot of the guesswork is already gone and it should be painless this time around and really more about fun.  Some good news to all this shut down business is that sales will be ramping up soon.  You can expect 20-30% in the coming weeks and both TRU and BRU are expected to climb to 50-70% off.

Just how social are you on social media?  Are you safe?  Considerate?  Smart?  You might think you are, but last year Facebook was used as evidence in 66% of divorces due to extra curriculars  on the site.  That all according the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, who also say that more than 80% of divorce lawyers have seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking evidence during the past 5 years.  There are 5 safeguards couples can apply to Facebook and other social networks to keep the peace at home::

  1. Assess who you talk to the most.  Is it a good mixture of men and women?  do you favor one friend over the others?
  2. Make your expectations very clear to your online friends.
  3. Do not engage in an intimate online conversation with someone who is not your spouse.
  4. Couples should set parameters about how much time and when they are online each day.  If you’re using FB at 2am when everyone in the household is asleep, this could be the sign of a problem.
  5. Share your FB password with your spouse and vice-versa.  that way you both know your FB private messages are not secret.

These are all great tips, and I’ll just add one of my own, I always say that if you’re deleting messages from your devices, you’ve probably already crossed a line.  Be conscience about your partners feelings too and the feelings of others partners, because what may seem fine to you in a conversation or relationship might be over the line for some one else.  Unplug sometimes and just enjoy your partners company, you’ll be surprised at how much you miss them!


It’s time to get real about our periods.  I know, right?  You’re thinking, she cant be talking about that.  Typically this blog is about fun and savings and Angie’s birthday.  But listen ladies, I just read the best article and I wanted to share it with you too.  I have several girlfriends who suffer from terrible cramps and I’m one of them.  It’s a pain that is really hard to describe because as humans, we don’t remember pain.  We know it happened, but we don’t really remember what it felt like.  I tell my girlfriends that I’m in pain because the lining of my uterus is fighting to escape my body.   And while we joke abut it and laugh about it, turns out that period cramps can now be compared to the pain of a heart attack.  Some dr’s are even equating it to the pain of a slipped disc.  The pain is real.  The pain comes every single month.  We don’t really mention it to our doctors because we’re taught from an early age that it’s just part of life.  Finally, there is an open dialogue….and men are feeling our pain, sort of.  You’re not alone ladies, read all about it here.

Do you or someone you love have a birthday coming up?  Birthdays are just the best because they’re always YOURS.  Everyone celebrates differently and some people don’t celebrate at all and that’s fine too.  Mine is just around the corner so I’m constantly checking my email and my actual mailbox for all the freebies that come in your birthday month.  Isn’t that great?!  If you play your cards right, you can have free bday meals, snacks and drinks for even a week after your birthday and some of the offers are even good for the entire month of your birthday.  So all those lunches and drinks festivities around your special day can add up, why not do it the most economical and most fun way?  There are all sort of sites and apps for you download just for your special birthday, you special birthday person you!  YOUR birthday is YOUR special day! Here are just a few places you can score some free birthday swag. This one is broken down by parts of the day ie; breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Now, this list is just 100 Birthday Freebies.  Birthday freebies are just for human birthdays either, sign your furry friend up at Petco Pal Rewards and they’ll hook your fur baby up with free treats around their birthday too.  Enjoy them, and Have a super happy birthday…whenever yours is <3


The Vera Bradley Annual Outlet sale is coming up are you ready?  Like, are you really ready?  You may have already bought your ticket and registered, but have you prepped yourself and your Havanna Rose Hipster for the work out?  It’s definitely a multi day event for me.  I go on the first day to get the things I know for sure I want.  Then I might meander through the rest of the week, but I always go on the final day to really shop.  That’s the day I do shopping for other people for birthdays, Christmas etc.  Its also the time I stalk my friends and family timelines to see what they’re posting about from the sale, and get ideas for gifts for them and I can just pop out to the sale and scoop it up for a great price.  My fiance is so great about the sale too.  He always goes the first night with me.  He makes all the purchases for me that I’m going to make *wink* during the sale.  He says he goes because he knows I get anxiety in crowds and I like him there for comfort, but I’m no dummy, I know he goes so he can put a reasonable stop to my Vera Sale addiction within reason.  Cut me off right at the Coral Floral Wristlet!  Either way its a fun way to shop together and we get some great gift buying done too especially for our out of town family.  Going with your girlfriends is the BEST way to go!  Make a plan of action and split up to cover the most ground.  Here’s a list of some other helpful Tips and Tricks for shopping the Vera Bradley Annual Outlet Sale.  See you at the sale <3

Its been a full weekend of Olympic fever at my house!  It doesn’t even matter what the competition is, I am glued to the TV.  The Norway teams are killing it, leading the medals count with 28 total and 11 gold.  The USA teams have 10 medals total and 5 golds.  The commentators are doing a fab job especially Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski.  They’re a great team.  And I loved it when in the middle of last week, Johnny came out and said that yes, he was channeling the announcers from The Hunger Games.  Brilliant.  Lets talk about how fast they go on those Luge things!  Talk about terrifying.  The fashion is fun at the Olympics too.  I like to see the different uniforms from the different countries and of course I just love the viewer tweets.  I found this list of some of the funniest tweets so far.  This is the last week for you to catch the games of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics and the always exciting closing ceremony will be this coming weekend.  Then, all the Olympics clothing and swag will be on clearance for you to scoop up just in time for the Tokyo 2020 games!

It’s a two-fer today!  Since Valentines Day is my most favorite day, I’m giving you TWO blogs today.  If you’re planning a netflix binge day, I’ve made it so easy for you.  These are all your favorite Valentines themed tv shows on Netflix.  Everything from the ‘Galentine’s Day’ episode on Parks and Rec to Criminal Minds.  Here you go loves, binge away <3

Happy Valentines Day! I love each and every one of your faces.  You make my days so much better!  This seems like a perfect time to treat you to some freebies for Valentines Day.  There are all sorts of promotions, offers and even free opportunities for you on this holiday.  Whether its free drinks for ladies at an after work spot or more of a bogo deal for lovers, retail and dining industries alike waste no time trying to lure you into a deal.  See this list of freebies for you to enjoy alone or with your valentine.  XoA


New Year’s Resolutions.   We all make them, and they usually involve weight loss in some fashion.  How important is dieting in your teen?  Turns out, its kinda lucrative.  This summer Weight Watchers is launching a program geared toward 13-17 year olds.  In fact, they’re offering the program FREE to those in that age range, beginning in July of this year.  Just in time for summer when our kids have lots of time on their hands.  Weight Watchers says its to teach kids a healthy lifestyle, starting at a younger age.  The name of the company, ‘weight watchers’ suggests to me about weight loss. Which is totally fine, but lets talk about negative body image in teens.  That’s already rampant.  Now here’s the question.  Where is the line between ‘let them be kids’ and ‘teach them a healthy lifestyle’?  Its up to us as parents to help our kids live a healthy lifestyle.  I’m a mom so I know it starts at home, but I also know that once those kids walk out the front door they’re going to put whatever they want in their mouths.  Lets hope they’re making smart decisions about that.  Now if they’re not, and they’re over weight and want to take action,  a free weight loss program could be the answer but I think it has to be up to your child.  I’m sad for this selfie obsessed generation.  Its sad to see so many selfies and not enough pics of teens with friends and family and enjoying life.  Being a kid is hard enough.  Being so concerned about looks shouldn’t be a part of that.  I applaud Weight Watchers for seeing that the need is there, but also its with concern because i just want teens to feel beautiful and worthy no matter their size or shape. Weight Watchers has gotten smart using Oprah as a spokesperson.  They;re seeing great success from that campaign, but at what cost?  Is it similar to Marlboro Man or Camel Joe?

February is the month of love, and who do we love the most in our households?  Our pets! Not a question.   In fact, its estimated that we’ll spend $750 MILLION on our pets this year.  That breaks down to just $5.50 per pet, so when you say it like that it seems like not quite enough at all.  Our pets are our companions, our best friends, our exercise buddies, we can wipe our tears on them or dance around the kitchen with them.  PetSmart launched a new Valentine line this year, Ellen Degeneres has a cute valentine selection for pets too.  But make sure you’re being safe with your fur babies too.  Giving them V-Day sweets and treats is ok, as long as you don’t over do it and the treats you’re giving Fido are actually FOR pets.  Here are some safe valentine tips for your pooch or kitty friend.  And, just in case you haven’t even started to think about your pets valentine, heres a cute little idea list.


I’ve been doing this program with BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center for just a couple of weeks now.  The first few days were really hard.  Immediately you’re eliminating some of your best friends:: sugar, flour, wine!  So the first few days are kinda difficult, but by the third day, I felt so good.  Like a whole new energized that I haven’t felt in a very long time.  Not only did I have more energy, but I felt like, good. Like, I actually felt good.  That was something I had been missing for so long.  And it was nice to feel like that.  Don’t let me get you twisted here, I had a relapse over the weekend.  I’m still in the beginning phase of the program, but I was feeling so much zest for life and my well being that I cheated BIG TIME on Super Bowl Sunday.  I had plans and recipes to do the right things, but instead, I got lazy and ate things that were riddled with bad ideas.  Pizza, chips, beer.  Its not like I’ll never eat those things again, but my hormones are still trying to balance themselves out, so even thought I’m feeling like mentally and physically I can take on the world, this body is like, ‘think again, sister’.  Just by eating SO (and trust me when I say ‘SO’) terribly for just the duration of one day made my blood sugar spike and made me completely irritable, groggy, tired and honestly just not a nice person to be around.  And I even cried.  Like, real tears.  Nothing was really wrong, but the sugar and carbs that made my mind so happy on sunday had really done a number on my body.  Its so great to be able to have a friend at BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center because I can just text her and ask what the heck is happening with me?!  Is this normal? But here’s a little secret, I’ve even called the office and pretended not to be myself and asked questions and they’re really friendly and helpful over there, even when your best friend doesn’t run the joint.  Thanks for listening to me rant (and rave too) about my new journey.  Its all so new to me, but If I can help just one of you, to be a better you, then its so worth it.  I’m feeling great and cant wait for the next phase.  I’ll keep you updated.  Maybe next time, I’ll even share some pics!

Hot tea is a staple right? We can all agree on that right?  Its soothing, delish and can warm you up on a cold day.  But did you know its also been linked to Esophageal cancer?  Turns out a new study out says that mixing alcohol and smoking and drinking excessively hot tea is a cocktail for disaster.  Researchers do say that more studies are being done, but here’s the story for you to check out yourself.

This Sunday is Super Bowl LII!  The New England Patriots are playing the Philadelphia Eagles.  Eagles have not been to the big game in quite some time, the Patriots are frequent visitors by now.  But the Super Bowl isnt the only thing on this sunday.  There is a Walking Dead marathon on AMC, a Puppy Bowl marathon on Animal Planet, a Bargain Mansions marathon on the DIY channel, the Kitten Bowl is on Hallmark channel and last but not least there is a Golden Girls marathon on TV Land!  It really is going to be a super sunday.  Get your sweats and jerseys out, put out the buffalo cauliflower dips and plant yourself for a sunday full of relaxation and really great tv.


I’ve always wanted to be the kind of parent to say “don’t make me embarrass you in front of your friends” or “I brought you into this world, and I’ll take you out”.  I’ve never done it, but I’ve always wanted to say those things.  As a parent, we can kinda do things like that.  TO OUR OWN KIDS!  Over the last 2 days there have been several stories out of people talking negative or name calling celebrity’s kids.  Like the radio host that called Tom Bradys daughter a “…..an annoying little pissant” or the multiple posts about Beyonces daughter being a “bossy brat”, or “entitled” etc for the meme of her shushing Bey and Jay at the Grammy’s on Sunday night.  You can call your own kids those things if you want, but it is never ever ok to call someone else’s kids names. Not OK.  We’re all clear on that right?  Its completely uncool to call other peoples children names that aren’t nice or flattering.  Tom Brady took the high road and said…everyone makes mistakes. etc” and didn’t slam the radio host and doesn’t even want the man to lose his job over the pissant remark.  Beyonce hasn’t responded and chances are, she wont because she’s Beyonce and she doesn’t have time for all that petty.  But look, did you see she brought her movie purse to the grammys? Check this out!



This sunday is Superbowl Sunday, Superbowl LII! When I hear that term, I’m thinking food, fun, drinks, jerseys and all kinds of fandamonium!  But, at the last minute, your baby sitter cancels.  Or maybe you’re doing a kid friendly super bowl party this year.  Perfect!  I found some tips on how to successfully (as successfully as we can try, anyway)  to entertain your little ones while you’re watching the big game with the big kids AKA adults.  The Pre Warm Up includes making paper flags of the teams playing (or not, who cares what team your child wants to root for, its their flag), Gametime activities include a game of football themed ‘I-Spy’, Halftime equals treats, and a Sunday Sundae bar is a great idea.  Anyone with kids knows that they can get rambunctious when you’re entertaining, so hiring a sitter or a nanny to even come to your home to corral the kids and keep them at bay while glued to the big screen for the big game is a no brainer.  Check out this article for even more tips and how-to’s!  Browsing Pinterest is also a great way to find some fun ideas for a kid friendly superbowl party or just pin them for when you’ll need them down the line.

Your mom could’ve been wrong when she said always take a coat.  Ok, maybe not exactly, but did you know your winter coat could be making you sick?  Your winter coat goes everywhere with you.  Every day.  Everywhere.  But when is the last time that thing has seen a washing machine or a dry cleaner?  Probably not as frequently as it should, especially in this season of one of the worst flu seasons ever.  Your coughing into your arm, or your glove and definitely into your scarf.  And even if you’re not, someone around you probably is.  We know to wash our hands in public places frequently, but what about all the times your lay your coat down in a public place?  I know, this is mind blowing to me too!  Just take some extra time and toss your winter coat in the wash a  little more frequently than you’re doing it now.  And not just your coat, give those gloves and mittens and scarfs and winter hats in the wash too.  Hot water to kill all that nastiness.  Stay warm and safe this winter, wear your coat for sure, but also make sure you’re giving that thing a bath too.

We’re just a few weeks out from Valentines Day and this is the time where I really need to take inventory of my girlfriends love lives.  Who is in a happy relationship, who is in a not so happy relationship, who is just getting out of a relationship or that dreaded…..who just ended a really bad relationship.  I love Valentines day and I’m really in love with Galentines Day too.  That’s the day to celebrate all your gal pals.  Now, its not romantic in nature, so it should be safe, but if your friends with someone who just ended a relationship, they may not want any reminders of the V-Day at all.  Even to celebrate gal pals.  So if that’s you this year, or someone you know, check out this little article about how to survive Valentines day even if you’re heartbroken.

HORMONES! Like, seriously I check the 35-44 age range box!   I have to talk about hormones?  But yep, apparently I do.  My friend opened a business, Be Balanced Hormone Weight Loss Center, here in Fort Wayne.  Like any good friend, I wanted to support her, but I honestly didn’t think I had any hormone issues.  But because I’m a good friend, I went to the website and took this little free assessment thing, and guess who does need some hormone attention? *Points to self* ME!  Now I am super lucky, because its my best friends business so immediately I picked up the phone and was like, GIRL, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!  We had lunch and we talked about my life, how I feel pretty normal but tired sometimes.  Not like sleepy tired, but too tired to be ‘intimate’ sometimes.  Too tired to wash my hair sometimes.  Too tired to even take the dog outside.  I feel sluggish and not sexy and just blah.  She told me thats all hormonal.  I started my new journey over the weekend and Im pretty pumped about it.  She said that sometimes you can even lose a little weight during this, so Im very excited about that.  Im all in, I’ll post some pics of what this ol’ body looks like now, and then if I can remember I’ll post some after pics too.  It seems strange to me that Im even talking about this because I still think Im so young!  But I am glad I am getting it under control.  I’ll let you in on the journey with me, and keep you updated too.  Im so excited, because also I get to use my new cute Matilda Jane lunch set to pack all my healthy treats.

I dont know about you, but I was having kids and getting pregnant when pregnancy clothes were not nearly as cute and fashionable and wearable as they are today.  Dont let me mislead you, I certainly dont want to go back to wearing maternity clothes but I do like all the cute options now.  Just over the weekend Khloe Kardashian announced she was releasing a maternity line.  Its called Good Mama and corresponds to her Good American brand that carries jeans and some various other pieces.  Now if I were still wearing maternity clothes, I would definitely check that out.  Maternity jeans were always a struggle to find something really cute and really comfortable.  The look of the pregnant mama has certainly seen some changes over the years and Im here for it!  Expectant moms have enough on their plate, looking cute shouldnt be one of them <3.


Mom guilt. Thats a real thing right? Like, do you have that? Here’s where mine is coming from lately.  I started using Meijer Shipt a while back, and I LOVE it!  I just use the app, pick the things I want, pick a time that I want my groceries to come over and boom shaka laka, just like that, my groceries arrive at my house.  Its fantastic. But now, that the weather is worse, and the kids are back in school and things are slowing down at work, I have all this guilt.  Like, I feel guilty about the grocery person bringing the groceries that I dont want to go out and get.  Then I feel even guiltier when I think about moms that are much busier than me, and they still manage to get to the grocery store.  What is wrong with me that I start to make my family really random meals rather than go to the supermarket?  Mom guilt is a weird thing.  Because even though Im feeling guilty and lazy that I dont want to go to the supermarket, and Im letting someone shop for me, Im so much happier.  Im not stressed about what can i ‘make’ dinner from tonite, Im not stressed about having enough time in the day to get the things done that I need and Im much happier because I legit do not like to go to the supermarket.  So, even though I have these guilty little episodes about having someone bring my groceries to my house, I have NO REGRETS.  Its amazing.  Meijer Shipt is seriously one of the best things to come out of 2017! Viva La Meijer!

New Year.  New You! Or not, it doesn’t really matter.  If you feel good about where you are right now, then go with it.  If you want to make some changes, a new year is a great time to implement some new changes.  So far, I’m really trying to work smarter, not harder in 2018.  I’m having my groceries delivered to my home, I already use a bill pay system to auto pay my bills and I’m interested in using a delivery service for my dog food too, but the only draw back is, then how will I shop all the cute clothes for her if the food is getting delivered?  I dont use apps nearly as smartly as I could be using them either.  That’s at the top of my list.  Find some apps to get my life more organized and not just shopping apps or gossip sites etc.  Here are some apps I’m excited about in 2018.  Send me some of your favorites too, angie@majic951.com!



Angie Nash got the chance to talk to Shelly Long about her new movie coming out!


End of summer sales, Labor Day parties and the mornings are getting chillier.  Yes, summer is winding down.  I know, I know, a collective groan falls across the land.  It shouldnt though, end of summer is just the beginning of fall!  Before summer officially comes to a close on September 22, 2017, Ive compiled a short list of fun things to do around our area, still this summer.  In no official order, here we go:: The Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo, Farmers Markets (there are several in our area), take a walk on a trail, or catch a Tincaps game before the season ends.  Dont forget we now have mutliple wineries around our area, Two EE’s, Country Heritage Winery and Vineyard, Byler Lane Winery  and Satek Winery too (there are others close to us too, do a whole winery tour).  While the pools are closed for the summer the splashpads are still open.   And remember as your putting away all your summer shorty shorts and swimsuits, pretty soon you’ll be able to wear all your leggings and boots again.  Its a bummer and I hate to see it go too, but I know we’ll meet again in another few months and until then the scarecrows and old man winter will be my companions and we’ll get along juuuust fine.

Last night was the 34th airing of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA).  I try really hard to never ever miss these shows.  When I was growing up, my mom would pop pocorn and we would watch the awards shows together.  I still remember and cherish those memories.  All the excitement of the performers, and the music and seeing the audience and the most exciting:: who was wearing what?!  Last night was no different for me, except it was just me and the dog watching together and instead of popcorn I was eating dried snap peas.  Life is a little different than it was then.  And last night was a very clear indicator of that.  I try to keep my finger on the pulse of radio and music.  Its my passion!  However, last night there were so many faces I did not recognize on that stage and even more on the red carpet.  At first I felt old and out of touch.  Then I ate some more dried snap peas and gave myself a lil pep talk.  Just because I dont recognize the faces of music anymore and I dont even know all the music, its totally fine because I DO know the names of fiance’s co.workers and my kids friends names.  Now those are the most important names to me.  Im still an awards show junkie, and the VMA’s and Grammy’s will always be my Superbowl.  I still love the fashion on the red carpet and seeing the live performances.  You can take the mom away from the MTV , but you can take the MTV out of the mom!  Here are some of the best and worst looks of the red carpet last nite.  Enjoy!

I got engaged on Christmas Morning.  The greatest Christmas morning of my life btw!  We have not yet set a date.  We are grown people, with our own careers and lives.  Trying to just pick a date for a wedding is real struggle.  But, as I have said many many times, its just even longer that I get to be excited about planning a wedding.  Im super into all of it too!  The wifey sweatshirts, the fiance socks, the coffee mugs with mr and mrs on them, I love it all.  Ive just recently starting seeing all these bridal work outs, bridal diets etc to help you ‘fit into your dress’.  Now here comes along these line of leggings with messages like ‘slimming down for the gown’ and ‘I wont quit til the dress fits’ and my favorite ‘gotta squat before I tie the knot’.  At first I just thought they were all part of the pre-wedding apparel hype that Im already sucked into.  Then I read this article about how these types of leggings are lowkey body shaming brides into feeling like they have to lose weight before they get married.  Ladies, your man proposed to YOU.  Not the future YOU that he wants to see walking down the aisle, they YOU that you are on Christmas morning with messy hair and pajamas on.  If you want to lose weight for your wedding because you want to make that change, then go with that.  If youre feeling pressured to lose weight before your wedding because society says so, thats bananas.  Dont buy a dress you cant wear and struggle in the months leading up to the wedding.  Buy the dress you love, the dress that fits right now and the dress you want your future husband to gasp about, as you walk your already perfect body down the aisle.


Omgosh, I LOVE lipstick. The brighter the better in my book!  July 29th was #NationalLipStick day and I was too sick to celebrate. (because who wears make up when they’re sick. or on the weekends. or ever when you think you wont see anyone, anyway, I digress) Lipstick has come a long way from my beginning days.  When I first started wearing lipstick, i would get these headaches and also get very nauseous, turns out my body didn’t like the whale blubber that most lipsticks used back then.  Thank the lipstick gods that they’ve made such improvements.  Way back before our time, before even our grandparents time, the Egyptians wore red lipstick but it was only for royalty.  We’re all queens now!  Polish those lips and read this article on 5 Things You Didnt Know About Red Lip Stick

I am at work.  You are at work.  Its what we do.  We go to work.  How many times a day are you dozing off at your desk, or day dreaming or just feeling sluggish?  ME TOO!  Even if you have a desk job there are still lost of ways for you to stay active during  your work day.  Here are just a few. You could move your trash can far away from your desk so you have to actually get up every time you want to throw something away.  You could take a stroll to see a co.worker.  Instead of shooting off an email, go see your friend face to face.  You could even take a break time stroll together.  Another way to get a little more active during your work day is to park far away from your building.  Get those extra steps in.  Getting a fitness tracker could be helpful too, when you can visually see your progress its slightly easier to get those 10k steps in.  I’ve even heard people say they use the restroom on other floors of their buildings to get more exercise.  What ever works for you, do that.  I like to get up and take a stroll occasionally.  Its not only extra movement, but also its a chance to clear my head and just take in a different scenery.  Work is work, but its always more fun to be creative with how you spend your work day.

Who is ready for BTS? Or better known, Back To School!  Back to school time is such an exciting, scary, busy time for not just kids but us parents too.  Everything from getting organized for making mornings go smoother to packing lunches to getting our minds right.  I always go through such a mourning period when school starts.  My fiancee is a teacher and so he and all the kids all go back at the same time.  So in the summer when we’re all together and our days are filled with fun, once school starts back both my man and my kids are gone so its just me and the dog hanging out.  Still fun, but not the same.  But I then switch to my school year schedule.  So its more time cleaning and organizing our home.  Volunteering when i can and especially catching up with all my girlfriends who are in the same bus as I am.  Back to school time is hectic enough for us emotionally, dont be caught off guard, start planning now!  Here is a fun little list to help you get started and prepared, mentally and physically.

These are 2 of my best friends, Amber and Beatriz.  There is another important lady in my circle who isn’t pictured, Stephanie.  These are my peoples!  When I read this article I immediately thought of them.  This list is our lives over the many years!  We get together for dinners, lunches and basically anytime we can.  We’re all moms, professionals and many other things.  I love each of them differently because I need each of them differently.  I always go to Stephanie for kid advice.  She’s a single mom to FOUR sons and she makes it look so easy and hilarious all the way.  If I’m having a down day, I read Stephanie’s FB page because there is always some sort of crazy story of her household.  Honestly I don’t know how this girls life isn’t a sitcom yet.  I love Amber for her business sense, her smarts, I love her for her adultness and willing to always listen and offer solutions.  I can share my most intimate stuff with her.  When I realized how extreme my anxiety had gotten and almost debilitating, It was Amber who was there every step of the way to help me get the help I clearly needed.  And finally, there’s Bea.  This girl is my absolute go to girl.  Shes honest, hard hitting, caring and hilarious.  Friends will text you to say ‘you look great’, however, real friends (like Bea) will text to say ‘Shrek called, he wants his face back!’.   I never realized how having such diverse friends could be so beneficial, until I was an adult and couldn’t make it through my life without them.  These are my people, and I hope your’e able to cultivate your own little group of lady friends too.  We need ’em!


Did you see all this hubbub over the weekend about P!nk posting a picture of her 6 year old daughter sans a tshirt on her bicycle?  Its gotten some negative feedback because she posted her half nekkid daughter online, but also she’s getting tons of support too.  Here is the exact quote and pic from P!nk’s Instagram account.  I grew up in a time when you rode your bike til the street lights came on and you were afraid of everyones mom in the neighborhood because they all had the same line, “angela, I will call your mother!” and they would too because it was a different time.  And that’s the point here, its a different time.  We as moms are focused on lots of things at one time.  For many of us, social media is very much a part of our daily lives and also our work lives too.  I love the caption of this picture and for me, its further proof that we are mostly doing parenting right.  We all do it a little differently and my parenting might not look like yours…and thats ok too.  Relax mom, you got this! 

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Its Three Rivers Festival Time! I get excited about the funnel cakes, and the cheese curds and the lemon shake ups and the shopping at the emporium.  Whats your favorite thing to do? What do you love about the festival?  Is it the food, the entertainment, the shopping…or all of it!?  Whether youre headed downtown to get some food or do some shopping or just see those friends you only get together with once a year, this years festival is sure to be just as wonderful as we always remember.  See you at the Three Rivers Festival!

Its been years since I have had toddlers, but now many of my girlfriends do and oooohhhh is it fun! I remember those days that I thought would never end, and when they finally did, I would still be saying to them “I love you SO much!”.  I love it when celebrities are open out front about their parenting struggles.  Its nice to see another less glamorous side and we can all relate to that right?  I saw this blog this morning and it made me feel all the feels, so I thought I would share it with you.  Enjoy! 

Show of hands, who loves swimsuit shopping?  Anyone, anyone?  So while I don’t loooove swimsuit shopping, I do loooove having lots of swimsuit options.  I’m  a plus sized girl for sure, so my options aren’t as aplenty as the smaller gals out there.  But that does not stop me!  I’m a swimsuit-a-holic.  I have 2 pieces, one pieces, swim skirts, tankini’s.  You name it, I’ve got it.  Yesterday you may have seen the viral video of the ladies from #IMomSoHard talking about the ‘sexy’ swimsuits out this year.  The video is obviously hilarious because they make hilarious, accurate videos.  But this one, hmmm, I’m feeling a little bit of feels for it.  I get what they’re saying, the swimsuits in the videos with all of their straps and lack of material etc, I get it.  But at the same time, I sort of feel like they’re shaming the moms out there that want to wear something a little sexier.  I think its fine to wear whatever you’re comfortable with at the beach.  If you feel amazing in that strappy swimsuit, you should wear it.  If you feel better in a modest one piece, go for that.  Having options is important in swimwear too.  There is no possible way I could wear a fancy sexy strappy swimsuit at the lake on most days.  I’m there to fish and swim and jump off the raft and chase my dog around, that’s just not practical.  But a getaway with my fiancee, I would feel perfectly fine wearing something like that.  Bottom line ladies, YOU DO YOU!

Stores can’t keep them in stock. Parents are scrambling to find them. And some schools have banned them.  Im talking about Fidget Spinners.  Ive been aware of these types of things, little things to ‘fidget’ with for years, because of my adhd, I personally used multiple variations of ‘fidgets’.  My mom is an adhd life coach, so she brought them to my attention a few years ago.  Typically I would be a foot tapper or leg bouncer or even in extreme situations, a cuticle picker. (i know, so gross!) Anywho, I dont actually own of these Fidget Spinners that are taking over social media and many many homes and schools across the country.  Despite being marketed as a concentration aid, some teachers say fidget spinners have become a distraction.  Even though theyre supposed to be quiet, most do make some sort of a whirring noise, and if youre in a classroom, thats got to be mulitplied.  Here’s a link to a story on USA Today that i thought really hit the nail on the head.  Take a quick read and make your own decisions about whether theyre helpful or a distraction.  And good luck trying to get your hands on one!


We now know what tv shows are getting renewed and which ones are getting the ax. Is The Big Bang Theory safe?  What about Survivor?  Any of the NCIS shows?  Some of my favorite shows are getting cancelled!  But hey, at least American Idol is coming back right?  See the list here and if your favorite show is on it.

Its the week of Mothers Day.  I’m always really confused about how this works.  Especially as a mom and a daughter and a near step mom.  With so many non traditional relationships, how do you decide where to divvy up your time?  Obviously you want to spend mothers day with your own mother. But when your mom and sister live in the same city, and youre in a different city, then your mom has to decide where to spend her time and you dont want to do that to moms.  But what about your mother in law? or an aunt thats like a mom?  And then there are the kids.  Obviously you want your own kids to spend time with you, but what about your step kids?  Granted its mothers day, I get it, but stepmomming aint easy and feels just like momming.  So moms, its totally YOUR day!  You celebrate however and with whomever you want.  Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Teacher Appreciation and also Happy Nurses Appreciation week!  Wow, can you imagine a world without teachers or nurses?  Its not even a reality.  We rely on those 2 professions so much in our every day lives.  And most weeks, those nurses and teachers see your family more than they see their own families.  Its a thankless job, but we are thankful everyday they’re there to save, teach and protect us.  Shout out to you Nurses and Teachers, not just this week, but every single week!

U LIT!  Yes, you are!  Are you dreading swimsuit season?  I don’t really fall under that spell of being that concerned what I look like in a swimsuit, but I do get concerned about wearing shorts.  I love the water, I love to swim and no amount of cellulite is going to keep me from a swimsuit, not even from a 2 piece swim suit.  I don’t get stressed about that like a lot of my girlfriends do.  But the shorts and sundresses, that’s what gets to me.  But listen, U LIT! Yes ladies, I stole that from my kids.  U LIT! And I’m pretty sure its a good thing too.  Yesterday when I was pinteresting summer outfits, I started to see a lot about cellulite, and it it hit me:: you cant spell cellulite, without U LIT.  Live your best life.  Enjoy your summer!  I found this article particularly good about why 15 other ladies refuse to freak out over swimsuit season.

Last night was the season finale of The Bachelor.  #Spoiler Alert:: Nick chose Vanessa.  And he proposed (again) with the fanciest ring in Bachelor franchise history!  Wowza!  Tonight is the finale of This Is Us.  This show came out of nowhere to win over the hearts of nearly all of America.  Its so funny that a TV, once considered a luxury, is now part of our lexicon as a society.  Maybe its not cable tv, or network tv, but maybe youre watching netflix regularly.  Its all still a part of that tv world.  And its a connector to those around us.  At the office, with your partner and even with you kids.  We all have those shows that are ‘our shows’ and people we watch ‘our shows’ with.  TV has become a social experience without really being that social.  Whether you were #TeamRaven or #TeamVanessa from The Bachelor, we can all agree that the This Is Us finale is what we’re really all waiting for this season.

Today is my birthday!  Its my absolute favorite day.  And it should be yours too! (I mean your own birthday, not mine)  It’s a day for you.  Sure you’re still going to have to cook dinner, do laundry, be a mom, be a partner and even be an employee, but it’s still YOUR BIRTHDAY!  There are a ton of freebies on your birthday too.  You can make lunch dates, coffee dates and even snack dates til the cows come home, for little to no money.  Here’s a list of all the swag you can score on your special day.  Treat yo’self!

Dancing With The Stars Season 24 is upon us and the first leaks of some of the contestants is here too.  So far we know that Mr. T, Simone Biles and Nancy Kerrigan are all definitely competing for that mirror ball trophy.  As more stars are revealed, we’ll keep you updated here and also on air too!  Now some of the alleged dancing stars this year include this season Bachelor, Nick Viall and also departed member of Fifth Harmony, Camila Cablello.  Dancing With The Stars Season 24 cha cha’s into our living rooms Monday March 20 at 8pm on ABC.

First Beyonce, and now Amal Clooney reveals she’s pregnant with twins too!  Both ladies in the public eye and definitely going to continue to slay throughout their pregnancy.  I don’t know how they do it.  Each time i was pregnant i got even bigger than the previous time!  And I’m still heavier today than i was full term with my first son.  The struggle is real.  Anywho, enough about me.  When celebs get pregnant they still have to perform, its how they make money after all.  Check out these moms-to-be who absolutely slayed on stage during pregnancy.  Carrie Underwood and Amy Poehler are some of my favorites on this list.

Maybe you’re not coupled up for Valentines Day… or maybe you are but you’re still really into sweet deals?  Valentines Day is the perfect day to treat yo’self or someone you love to some delish treats at a super low price or even better, FREE.  Check out this list of places you can score bogo deals or other sweet treats today, Valentines Day.


Valentines Day is the perfect day, any random ol’ Tuesday, to spice up your make up routine.  Not only for your special love, but for your work day too.  Pick something easy and simple for the day, and then get a little flirtier for the evening.  Check out these super sweet Valentines looks.  I love this Vanessa Hudgens look for a dinner date.  Tag us in your pics tomorrow on facebook and let us see your big V-Day beauty.

The excitement of the classroom Valentines Day party is upon us!  Whether you’re addressing valentines to your kids classmates or making some sort of exciting snack for the class party, Valentines day is on your radar.  Its tomorrow <3.  If you still need some ideas about what to make but short on time or cash or just short on ‘give a hecks, its a monday’, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  11 Easy Valentines Day Treats will give you some pics and tips on how to to V-Day right!

The Grammys are here!  Its my favorite time of the year.  I love the red carpets, the performances, the speeches and I even love the commercials that run during the telecast.  This year is the 59th show and it promises to be huge.  So some chatter surrounding this Sundays Grammy’s show is that Justin Bieber wont be attending and its because allegedly, he “just doesn’t think the Grammys are relevant or representative, especially when it comes to young singers.” The Biebs is up for multiple awards.  Beyonce who just told us this week that she’s pregnant, still plans to perform but in a  much slowed down version, shes also up for multiple awards.  And hot off her Superbowl performance, Lady Gaga will be there performing with Metallica!  Like Ive said before, no awards show is complete without a fabulous red carpet.  Here are some of the best Grammys looks from Grammys past.   And don’t forget, this Sunday, the 59th Grammys are on CBS at 8p.

Its National Pizza Day!  What an exciting thing on its own, but when you add in all the great deals and steals you can score on NPD, that’s just the extra pepperoni on an already great day.  Whether you love thin or pan, double meat or vegetarian, there is NO wrong answer when it comes to pizza.  *except pineapple! Pineapple does not belong on a pizza.  No matter what your friends tell you, just say no.  Do yourself a favor tonite and get a pizza for dinner instead of making dinner, use that extra time to hang out with your family.  Or if you’re extra enthusiastic (or cray cray), make a home made pizza with your family tonite.  Here is a list of some deals if you decide making pizza with your family seems like more stress and mess than baking and bonding.

I only own one football jersey and its #21 Bob Sanders from the Indianapolis Colts.  Its my Sunday game attire.  My dog also has a pink Colts jersey and that’s her Sunday game attire.  So this Sunday, during that big football game where the Patriots and Falcons are playing, My dog Snoopy Girl and I will be wearing our Colts jerseys.  But if you wanted to support your team that is actually in the Sunday football game, but you don’t own either team jersey, don’t sweat it, you CAN look cute and team spirity without breaking the bank on a jersey you might only wear this one time.  Basically just pick your favorite team, pick your favorite color that they wear, typically there are only 2 choices, and go through your closet only pulling looks that have that color.  You would be surprised at how quick your team spirit kicks in when your fashionably ready for football.  Here is a little guide to get you started from whowhatwear.com You can even play with some fun make up and nail colors too!

I went to a luncheon last week and commented on how delish the taco bar was.  The lady who catered it told me that she likes to do taco bars for big events where she doesnt really know the people, because there are choices for everyone.  Vegans, vegetarians and even carnivores!  So if you’re planning to feed a lot of people this Sunday during a big football game, a taco bar could be a great option.  Check out our pinterest page for some other fun party foods.  There are some healthy options and some less healthy options, mix it up, have some fun.  Give yourself a cheat day, or at least give the people in your home a fun and delicious way to spend the day. Snacking, rooting on their favorite team and of course, telling you how yummy everything is.

This Sunday there is a really big football game on tv.  Its a good time to blow your diet and eat a ton of dips and wear your favorite jersey (even if we all know you only wear it once a year!) Its a great time to be a fan.  But there’s another part:: The Commercials!  The commercials can cost upwards of $5 million dollars this year and there is no shortage of funny, cute and yes ladies….sexy.  Take a little gander at these, the 8 hottest men in super bowl commercials.  Enjoy here!

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