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Last night was the season finale of The Bachelor.  #Spoiler Alert:: Nick chose Vanessa.  And he proposed (again) with the fanciest ring in Bachelor franchise history!  Wowza!  Tonight is the finale of This Is Us.  This show came out of nowhere to win over the hearts of nearly all of America.  Its so funny that a TV, once considered a luxury, is now part of our lexicon as a society.  Maybe its not cable tv, or network tv, but maybe youre watching netflix regularly.  Its all still a part of that tv world.  And its a connector to those around us.  At the office, with your partner and even with you kids.  We all have those shows that are ‘our shows’ and people we watch ‘our shows’ with.  TV has become a social experience without really being that social.  Whether you were #TeamRaven or #TeamVanessa from The Bachelor, we can all agree that the This Is Us finale is what we’re really all waiting for this season.

Today is my birthday!  Its my absolute favorite day.  And it should be yours too! (I mean your own birthday, not mine)  It’s a day for you.  Sure you’re still going to have to cook dinner, do laundry, be a mom, be a partner and even be an employee, but it’s still YOUR BIRTHDAY!  There are a ton of freebies on your birthday too.  You can make lunch dates, coffee dates and even snack dates til the cows come home, for little to no money.  Here’s a list of all the swag you can score on your special day.  Treat yo’self!

Dancing With The Stars Season 24 is upon us and the first leaks of some of the contestants is here too.  So far we know that Mr. T, Simone Biles and Nancy Kerrigan are all definitely competing for that mirror ball trophy.  As more stars are revealed, we’ll keep you updated here and also on air too!  Now some of the alleged dancing stars this year include this season Bachelor, Nick Viall and also departed member of Fifth Harmony, Camila Cablello.  Dancing With The Stars Season 24 cha cha’s into our living rooms Monday March 20 at 8pm on ABC.

First Beyonce, and now Amal Clooney reveals she’s pregnant with twins too!  Both ladies in the public eye and definitely going to continue to slay throughout their pregnancy.  I don’t know how they do it.  Each time i was pregnant i got even bigger than the previous time!  And I’m still heavier today than i was full term with my first son.  The struggle is real.  Anywho, enough about me.  When celebs get pregnant they still have to perform, its how they make money after all.  Check out these moms-to-be who absolutely slayed on stage during pregnancy.  Carrie Underwood and Amy Poehler are some of my favorites on this list.

Maybe you’re not coupled up for Valentines Day… or maybe you are but you’re still really into sweet deals?  Valentines Day is the perfect day to treat yo’self or someone you love to some delish treats at a super low price or even better, FREE.  Check out this list of places you can score bogo deals or other sweet treats today, Valentines Day.


Valentines Day is the perfect day, any random ol’ Tuesday, to spice up your make up routine.  Not only for your special love, but for your work day too.  Pick something easy and simple for the day, and then get a little flirtier for the evening.  Check out these super sweet Valentines looks.  I love this Vanessa Hudgens look for a dinner date.  Tag us in your pics tomorrow on facebook and let us see your big V-Day beauty.

The excitement of the classroom Valentines Day party is upon us!  Whether you’re addressing valentines to your kids classmates or making some sort of exciting snack for the class party, Valentines day is on your radar.  Its tomorrow <3.  If you still need some ideas about what to make but short on time or cash or just short on ‘give a hecks, its a monday’, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  11 Easy Valentines Day Treats will give you some pics and tips on how to to V-Day right!

The Grammys are here!  Its my favorite time of the year.  I love the red carpets, the performances, the speeches and I even love the commercials that run during the telecast.  This year is the 59th show and it promises to be huge.  So some chatter surrounding this Sundays Grammy’s show is that Justin Bieber wont be attending and its because allegedly, he “just doesn’t think the Grammys are relevant or representative, especially when it comes to young singers.” The Biebs is up for multiple awards.  Beyonce who just told us this week that she’s pregnant, still plans to perform but in a  much slowed down version, shes also up for multiple awards.  And hot off her Superbowl performance, Lady Gaga will be there performing with Metallica!  Like Ive said before, no awards show is complete without a fabulous red carpet.  Here are some of the best Grammys looks from Grammys past.   And don’t forget, this Sunday, the 59th Grammys are on CBS at 8p.

Its National Pizza Day!  What an exciting thing on its own, but when you add in all the great deals and steals you can score on NPD, that’s just the extra pepperoni on an already great day.  Whether you love thin or pan, double meat or vegetarian, there is NO wrong answer when it comes to pizza.  *except pineapple! Pineapple does not belong on a pizza.  No matter what your friends tell you, just say no.  Do yourself a favor tonite and get a pizza for dinner instead of making dinner, use that extra time to hang out with your family.  Or if you’re extra enthusiastic (or cray cray), make a home made pizza with your family tonite.  Here is a list of some deals if you decide making pizza with your family seems like more stress and mess than baking and bonding.

I only own one football jersey and its #21 Bob Sanders from the Indianapolis Colts.  Its my Sunday game attire.  My dog also has a pink Colts jersey and that’s her Sunday game attire.  So this Sunday, during that big football game where the Patriots and Falcons are playing, My dog Snoopy Girl and I will be wearing our Colts jerseys.  But if you wanted to support your team that is actually in the Sunday football game, but you don’t own either team jersey, don’t sweat it, you CAN look cute and team spirity without breaking the bank on a jersey you might only wear this one time.  Basically just pick your favorite team, pick your favorite color that they wear, typically there are only 2 choices, and go through your closet only pulling looks that have that color.  You would be surprised at how quick your team spirit kicks in when your fashionably ready for football.  Here is a little guide to get you started from whowhatwear.com You can even play with some fun make up and nail colors too!

I went to a luncheon last week and commented on how delish the taco bar was.  The lady who catered it told me that she likes to do taco bars for big events where she doesnt really know the people, because there are choices for everyone.  Vegans, vegetarians and even carnivores!  So if you’re planning to feed a lot of people this Sunday during a big football game, a taco bar could be a great option.  Check out our pinterest page for some other fun party foods.  There are some healthy options and some less healthy options, mix it up, have some fun.  Give yourself a cheat day, or at least give the people in your home a fun and delicious way to spend the day. Snacking, rooting on their favorite team and of course, telling you how yummy everything is.

This Sunday there is a really big football game on tv.  Its a good time to blow your diet and eat a ton of dips and wear your favorite jersey (even if we all know you only wear it once a year!) Its a great time to be a fan.  But there’s another part:: The Commercials!  The commercials can cost upwards of $5 million dollars this year and there is no shortage of funny, cute and yes ladies….sexy.  Take a little gander at these, the 8 hottest men in super bowl commercials.  Enjoy here!

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