Barb Richards

HOMETOWN:: Massillon, Ohio (moved to Fort Wayne when I was seven.Moved away for 8 years and returned in 1984 when I started with Majic.)

CAREER:: I have spent more than 50% of my working life on the air at Majic 95.1. I hold some sort of world-record in the radio world. Not sure what it gets me, but hey, it’s a world-record!

FAVORITE ROAD TRIP:: Driving out West. Love the large open spaces, Yellowstone, the Rockies, Mount Rushmore…we have a beautiful country with many things to see and experience.

FAMILY:: My husband Jim works at PFW, we have three kids, three in-laws and four grandchildren with one more on the way. Blessed a million times!

PETS::  Many dogs, guinea pigs, and canaries through the years.

EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS:: I had a terrible Diet Mountain Dew habit that I broke this year. Now I drink water all the time. And I go to the bathroom all the time.

THREE THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE:: Spend a month in Italy, take family on lots of trips so they will never forget me and get back to reading books.

GENERAL INTERESTS::  I run, play golf, watch grandkids, , am presidents of two non-profit boards, volunteer for several other non-profits, enjoy live theater and my list for vacations is very long.

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