HOMETOWN:: Fort Wayne, Baby! Born and raised.

CAREER:: I’ve been so blessed to work in radio in the city I grew up in, working for some of my favorite stations.  Ive been with Hot 1079, US 933, and the now defunct, but super awesome, The Vibe 1063.  I grew up listening to Majic 95.1, so its really special that this is my work home now.  You can hear me in the Mornings on Majic 95.1 and I’m also the Pop Culture Correspondent on Fun 101.7, so you can hear me in the mornings there too along with Jim & Carrie.

FAVORITE ROAD TRIP:: I love to go to Chicago!  Its a great city to do weekend trips to.  But lets be honest, I’m down for any road trip, any time.  I just love to travel even if its not far.

FAMILY:: I have 3+ sons.  3 of my own and I have a future step son.  All boys!  I’m engaged to my favorite human in the world and very slow to start the whole ‘wedding planning’ stuff.  We’re very happy right where we are, right now.

PETS::  I have a rescue dog named Snoopy Girl Lorraine King and she is my absolute best friend in the whole world.  She’s a chihuahua so we’re alot a like.  Both sweet but also feisty if we need to be.

THREE EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS:: Coffee, first things first! Sunscreen.  This face aint gonna be gorgeous forever without a little help. and finally daily I must have some dose of fashion.

THREE THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE:: Be the cookie pass out person at the airport, snorkel and visit Paris.  (cliche I know, but when Carrie Bradshaw went with The Russian- Aleksander Petrovski- I knew for sure, I wanted to visit too)

GENERAL INTERESTS::  Oh my, lets see.  I really do love fashion, make up and strolling Pinterest for hours looking at home decor.  I love being with my friends and family and listening to live music is one of my all time favorite things to do.  The Fort Wayne Funk Orchestra is my favorite band and Im especially drawn to the trombone player:)  And cooking! I love being in the kitchen.  Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Selena and Chocolat are some of my favorite movies. I cant decide on a favorite tv show but I’ll admit I’ll watch Keeping up with the Kardashians anytime I see it on tv. I love disco and funk music.  And going to the spa for mani/pedi/facial is my favorite way to spend any day.

Questions still?  Email her at angie@waji.com.