11 thoughts on “Andy Beckman on MAJIC

  1. Who would not want to Co-Host with Andy! Funny, intelligent and a great example of a good husband and dad! Seriously!!!!! It would not be difficult to have great banter with this guy.

    Welcome to 95.1 Andy! I have switched from WMEE TO MAJIC!

    New call in question- What’s the strangest thing you have ever scratched your back with?

  2. I was so beyond excited to hear Andy’s voice on Majic 95.1 just now!!!! 95.1 will definitely be my go-to station now. It always has been, except for mornings, but now with Andy here, it will ALWAYS be my go-to station!!! Love ya, Dude!!!!

  3. OMG how cool is this ?!?!? I absolutely loved Dirk, Jeannette and Andy in the mornings on WAJI (showing my age a bit).
    This is great news – it feels like you have come back home, Andy! Have been enjoying re-listening to WAJI in the mornings while missing your personality on the radio! Happy listener here – WELCOME BAAACCCK !!

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